Go to the Poor; You Will Find God


Go to the Poor; You Will Find God

Service Learning


In line with our Service Learning project, we visited Asilo de San Vicente de Paul, an orphanage institution dedicated to provide and uplift the lives of the poor and needy children and youth. As the chosen organization, we are required to assess their needs in order to contribute something of value. First, there was a brief orientation and introduction of the programs and services of Asilo. We were also introduced to the kids and the facilitating nuns. A huddle session was conducted to brainstorm and propose projects which may be beneficial to the organization. Some of it were rejected because it’s bordering on the idea of too much income generating nature. As much as possible they try to err on the safe side since they have an accreditation to safeguard.  The meeting progresses and upon numerous revisions of proposals, each group was able to come up with their own final set of activities.


Asilo was not only an orphanage but also an institution dedicated to “educate poor girls”. Its founder, Sor Asuncion Ventura, is a Campampangan who belonged to a “noble” clan. Some of the greatest “beatas” in Philippine religious history are from prominent families. According to the book, “to love and to suffer”: “with her substantial inheritance, she established an orphanage with a school for poor girls… situated in a 6 hectare lot in Looban [San Fernando de Dilao en el barrio de Looban], Paco… she served and taught the poor children until her death…”

The first Filipino founder of an orphanage could have had a nice comfortable life in Bacoor but her spirituality shaped her character and the decisions she made for her future. She “took to the veil, forsook all worldly affairs and dedicated her life to the to the service of God”. She dreamt of “bringing up God’s creatures in the manner that is pleasing to him”, so she set this idea in motion by asking her superiors in a conference for the orphanage to be erected.

Asilo de San Vicente de Paul’s mission is to commit themselves to the integral development of the marginalized sectors of society through sustainable programs and services that promotes independence and compassion for others as well.

Programs (as of 2018) are as follows:

  1. Social Welfare & Development Program
  2. Child & Youth Welfare & Development Program
  • Temporary shelter for boys and girls ages 6-11 years old
  • Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program
  • Sister Asuncion Ventura Educational Ultimate Service (SAVE US)
  1. Individual/Family Welfare Development Program
  • Crisis Intervention for the sick person
  • People on the Move (Asylum Seekers/Refugees)
  • Provided temporary shelter to the Individual and families in crisis situation.
  • OFW’S./ Migrants
  1. Pastoral Care Services
  2. Formation/Vincentian-Christian Formation
  3. Homelife Care Services
  4. Health Care Services
  5. Community  Extension Service  (CES)

III. Self- Liquidating Program & Services

  1. Alternative Residential Home Services (ARHS)
  2. Blessed Lindalva Training Center  (BLTC)
  3. Sagip Kabataan Bakery
  4. Piggery
  5. Urban Gardening



Our group’s project for Asilo de San Vicente de Paul involves creating a new promotional video for the community that highlights its history, mission and programs. As of now, the community is still using an old promotional video that is considered outdated by the community’s members. For one, some of the programs mentioned in the current video are outdated and discontinued as of today and new programs have been added since. In addition, many of the children featured in the current video are now teenagers and young adults. In order to effectively promote and communicate the community’s current programs and services, the community’s members wish to have an updated promotional video that it can show to all visitors of the community who wish to gain an overview of what the community does and its mission.

Therefore, we made a promise to the community that we’ll be able to provide them with new promotional video that will further showcase their mission and vision. Such material will be used in encouraging potential institutional donors and thereby helping Asilo continue its programs with financial ease.



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Powerpoint Presentation provided by staff from Asilo. (2018).


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